Summer 2015 & 2019


Montreal, Quebec

Project Manager

Joe Jeremy

Design Engineer:

Engine Evvgeni

The Bell Centre is one of the biggest arenas in Montreal Canada and the largest arena for hockey in North America being the home of the legendary Montreal Canadians Hockey Club. Located in downtown Montreal, the Centre Bell with a capacity of 21,273 seats is one of the most technologically advanced and versatile venues in the world. Between Hockey games and holding multiple concerts, this venue must rapidly change between the two events roughly three to four times a week.

The arena originally commenced construction in 1993 has now integrated new systems to improve the efficiency of these transitions. In the summer of 2015 Niscon began phase one, incorporating a bowl reduction, scoreboards, public address systems and puck safety nets.

Phase two began in summer of 2019 and within the next year Niscon will incorporate a Gantry system to control playoff banners. This system will aid in raising and lowering banners in-between events as oppose to having to do it manually. Other products used contain MMDM (Machine Mounted Drive Units) CH-801s,SM-102, RAYNOK servers, MicroPlus Pendants and Custom Pendant Solutions.


  • Scoreboard repositioning (relying on our automation systems to safely move 20+ tons of weight)
  • Replace 95 % of the old 1993 control system with RAYNOK motion control
  • Puck Nets (spans multiple feet which protect those seated in the stands)
  • Public Address system moved during hockey games
  • Bowl reduction (heavy duty curtain systems being moved with RAYNOK in order to create a smaller venue)


  • Raynok Server
  • Machine Mounted Dry Unit
  • Micro plus pendants
  • SN102 motion controller
  • CH801 chain controllers
  • Custom pendant solutions