Senior Accountant Job Posting



Are you looking for a meaningful and rewarding career with all the perks and support that are lacking in so many run-of-the-mill jobs?  Keep reading, you’ve just found that opportunity.

Niscon is a fast-growing engineering company based in Burlington, Ontario, primarily engaged in developing, manufacturing, and installing Motion Control Systems in Live Entertainment Facilities worldwide.  We build the equipment and provide the software to make circus performers fly, scenery magically appear, concert stages move, and architecture that immerses the viewer in an unforgettable experience.  Our mission is to ensure that producers, productions, and audiences everywhere enjoy uninterrupted performances day or night, experience after experience.

The work we do is challenging and deadline based, but it is rewarding and satisfying when you get to see the curtain rise or hear the roar of a crowd.  Yet, that is not all there is to life and that is why we offer competitive salaries and benefits, retirement savings plans with company contributions, personal wellbeing support with paid sick days, vacation, and personal time off, and a flexible work environment.

We are a team, but we feel more like a family.  We pull together, we have each other’s backs, we challenge one another, we enjoy each other’s company, and support one another when needed.  We sail, run, cycle, scuba dive, play hockey, camp, travel, canoe, kayak, fish, craft, build, weld, invent, restore, and ride bikes.  We are progressive, inclusive, creative, mothers, fathers, fosters, fur-parents, and grandparents.

If you think you are up for the challenge and want to join our diverse group of engineers, software developers, technicians, project managers, and administrators we want to hear from you.

Senior Accountant

Reports to: CEO, DOO, and company ownership
Line Management responsibility for: Accounting Clerk(s)

The Role

Are you an individual who loves dealing with a diverse set of projects that are shipped to locations all around the world? Do you consider yourself organized, sharp, concise, and quick to respond? Are you the type of person who thrives in a team environment of artists, developers, and engineers?

Niscon Inc. is seeking a Senior Accountant to lead our in-house accounting team and work along with our corporate finance team. We develop, manufacture, and install Motion Control Systems in Live Entertainment Facilities in diverse locations such as Egypt, Singapore, Mexico, Macau, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and throughout North America and Europe.

If you are looking for your next challenge, consider joining Niscon in this important role. Our best candidates are smart, curious, and talented problem solvers who enjoy the daily challenges of a fast-paced bespoke manufacturer. If you think you have the skills and interest to be a part of a challenging and rewarding industry look no further and send us your resume.

The essential contribution of the Senior Accountant is managing the short-term and long-term needs of the company by maintaining finances to keep projects moving forward and reporting on sustainable growth. The Senior Accountant will establish accounting procedures in concert with the COO and Corporate Financial Officer to ensure Niscon is compliant with all accounting standards and practices.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Foster a culture of continuous inclusivity and improvement.
  • Manage all phases of accounts payables and accounts receivables.
  • Participate in the establishment of a structured internal accounting framework that meets the needs of the company, keep it up to date and ensure that it is available and properly communicated to the people concerned within the company.
  • Oversee and lead the payroll process, providing guidance and direction to department leaders to ensure payroll accuracy and processing.
  • Manage and record accounts receivables including, order confirmations, distribution of invoicing, letters-of-credit filing, and proforma shipping invoices.
  • Understand, manage, disperse, and receive funds in multiple currencies.
  • Distribute expenses and labour against projects.
  • Prepare regular reports and summaries of accounting activities as required, including cash flow, bank position, and project financials.
  • Verify recorded transactions and report irregularities to CEO, Director of Operations and Finance Officer.
  • Create month-end closing including journal entries, accruals, and account reconciliations.
  • File month-end closing with company ownership for distribution to financial institutions.
  • Coordinate inventory counts at all locations.
  • Assist with consolidated budgeting and forecasting process.
  • Coordinate internal and external audits.
  • Management reports for Operations and Finance Directors.
  • Variance analysis on actual results vs budget and forecast.
  • Recommend improvements to accounting systems and management practices.
  • Ensure accuracy and compliance to accounting standards, procedures, and internal control.
  • Establish and maintain rigorous internal controls.
  • Participate in the consolidation of the monthly results of the company.
  • Prepare quarterly and annual consolidated financial statements including the related notes.
  • Prepare annual audit files, working papers, and non-consolidated statutory financial statements for preparation by company tax accounting firm.
  • And you can certainly add other responsibilities to this list depending on your skills and interests!

Personal Qualities Required:

  • Demonstrated ability to develop and foster positive relationships, both internally and externally.
  • Highly organized with well-developed time-management skills and processes for managing multiple priorities.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, ability to present complex technical information in a clear and concise manner to a variety of audiences, including non-technical.
  • An analytical and strong binary arithmetic mind.
  • Rigorous in approach to all tasks with a sense of responsibility and organization.

Technical Skills/Capabilities Required

  • Experienced with Sage50 Accounting Software
  • Advanced Excel Skills
  • Create trusting and successful working relationships with colleagues, vendors, and customers.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office programs (Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Word, and Excel).

Optimal Education and Experience

  • 5 + years of general accounting experience
  • Diploma or bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Commerce, or related field.
  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation

Additional Assets

  • In addition to English, applicants who can demonstrate an intermediate proficiency in oral and written French will be given special consideration.

Salary and Compensation

  • We offer a competitive salary based on the experience of the individual, ($87,000 to $93,000).
  • Our salary package includes a comprehensive family health and dental plan, RRSP contribution, and vacation compensation after the expiration of a 90-day probationary period.
  • Opportunity for work-from-home / work-at-office hybrid scenario supported with secure remote access and home office equipment.

Security and Safety

  • Bondable, Criminal record check,

We’re looking forward to meeting you.


Core Competencies

Team Leadership

Team Leadership is taking a role as leader of a team and implies a desire to lead others. Team Leadership is generally, but certainly not always, shown from a position of formal authority.

  • Promotes Team Effectiveness

Takes specific actions with the intent of enabling the team to function optimally.

Creates the conditions that enable the team to perform at its best (e.g., setting clear direction, providing appropriate structure, getting the right people, conscious of the essential symbiotic relationships between their own team and other departments)

Seeks out others’ input for purposes of promoting the effectiveness of the group or process. Resolves conflicts in the team, gives fair feedback (individual or collective), etc.

  • Obtains Resources/Takes Care of the Team

Makes sure the practical needs of the group are met. Obtains needed personnel, resources, and information for the group.

Acts to build team spirit for purposes of promoting the effectiveness of the group or process.

  • Communicates a Compelling Long-Term Vision

Inspires confidence in the team’s achievement of day to day operational and long-term goals.

Generates excitement, enthusiasm, and commitment to the work at hand.

Planning and Organization

Able to organize work, plan the necessary resources, take steps to carry out objectives.

  • Advanced understanding and ability to plan and organize across a full range of situations

Displays innovation in the use of human, financial and material resources.

Can adapt approaches and develop strategies to meet prevailing circumstances, or to find improved solutions.

Devises alternative strategies when existing means are insufficient.

Makes creative use of resources to achieve objectives.

Focus on Quality and Details

Ensures that tasks are completed with a focus on accuracy and quality. It is expressed in such forms as monitoring and checking work or information, attention to detail and accuracy of information, etc.

  • Monitors Plan, and Progress of Work

Makes sure that, although several different activities are occurring at the same time, nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Uses Quality Assurance Practices

Consistently shows initiative and resourcefulness to solve problems and ensure quality work outputs are produced on time and within the limits of available resources.

Anticipates situations that are prone to error and has back-up procedures or plans in place to reduce risks.

Results Orientation

Results Orientation is an overall concern for working well and surpassing a standard of excellence. Focuses on results to be achieved, promotes best practices, measures performance, and adjusts to improve both efficiency and effectiveness. Takes ownership of personal work objectives, as well as team objectives that exist through collaboration with others.

  • Improves Performance for Self and Others

Makes specific changes in the system or in work methods to improve performance. (e.g. does something better, faster, at lower cost, more efficiently; improves quality, client satisfaction, morale, revenues).

Establishes and enforces standards and procedures to achieve operational objectives and encourages team members to meet and exceed operational objectives.

  • Sets and Works to Meet Challenging Goals

Manages multiple priorities effectively.

Maintains commitment to goals in the face of obstacles and frustrations.

Develops clear, challenging but achievable goals.

Effective Interactive Communication

The ability to transmit and receive information clearly and communicate effectively to others by considering their points of view to respond appropriately. It includes using tact and diplomacy in all communications as well as the ability to convey ideas and information, both orally and in writing, in a way that brings understanding to the target audience.

  • Pays Attention to the Communication of Others

Actively listens to people and asks questions to gain a broader understanding of the issue or problem at hand.

  • Establishes Open Communication

Communicates in a non-confrontational and constructive manner. Seeks to ensure that factual messages are clearly understood, useful and timely.

  • Adapts Language to the Audience

Adapts style, mode and tone based on the audience/applicant reactions and the issues being addressed.

Cooperation and Collaboration

Collaborate effectively with others as part of a team. Promote quality work through effective contribution to others’ efforts. Promote cooperation and partnerships between individuals and groups at various levels, both inside and outside Niscon.

  • Works to Resolve Issues

Resolves difficult and complex technical/development issues using approaches and resources that are consistent with NISCON values and procedures.

  • Participates Actively in Group Process

Keeps others informed and up to date about what is happening in the development department.

  • Solicits Input and Contributions from Others

Recognizes where strengths lie among departmental resources and taps into their expertise; makes best use of people’s talents.

  • Supports and Promotes the Team

Actively leads and inspires others while working as part of a team.

Promotes sharing of expertise among teams to achieve superior service or results within the organization and to other stakeholders and clients

Action Management

Ability to focus on developing objectives and achieving results and to take responsibility for mobilizing team members to ensure timely delivery against commitments. Emphasizes ensuring that desired standards are met and holding people accountable for them.

  • Monitors adherence to Standards of Practice

Diligently monitors performance against expectations and agreed upon commitments.

  • Addresses immediate issues and acts decisively to resolve them

Identifies and acts on issues and problems in the development department.

  • Addresses long term issues or opportunities (Acts 9-12 Months Ahead)

Suggests ways to achieve better results or add value beyond the current situation.

Actively monitors development processes and reports on opportunities and weaknesses.